People who ignore social media in this world are gradually being left behind. Social media is vital for lawyers to stay relevant in the legal scene. One social media platform that an attorney will benefit significantly from is LinkedIn. 

The professional setting exposes your brand to relationships that could benefit you in the long run. But you need to position yourself well to reap these benefits. Most lawyers open a social media account and do little or nothing to grow it. 

Well, if that’s your idea of growing your law firm, you are not better than someone who doesn’t have an account. 

How can you use LinkedIn like a pro to build your Law brand? We’ll explore some LinkedIn best practices for Lawyers. Keep reading for simple tips that will make a big difference. 

1. Have a Guy Or Girl For Everything, i.e. Networking

You know how you sometimes have different people who can help with different things when the need arises? Yeah, that’s what we mean. It helps a great deal to connect with lawyers from various practice areas. 

As a family lawyer, you should network with a corporate lawyer, personal injury lawyer, etc. Why? These relationships lead to a harvest of referrals. And sometimes, partnering with them could lead to beneficial deals in the future. What does this have to do with LinkedIn? 

Well, there’s no limit to the quality of connections you can make on Linkedin. So, before you connect with just anybody, know that you should be more strategic with your networking. 

Beyond connecting with Lawyers, you should connect with your past clients on Linkedin. It’s a surefire way to facilitate repeat business and referrals from their end. Word-of-mouth marketing at its finest!

2. Be an Influencer, I.e., Thought Leadership

Reflect on every time you have had to purchase something online. You always opt for someone who seems quite solid in the industry—it’s safer that way. 

Similarly, your clients won’t put their cases in the hands of someone who doesn’t seem competent. Position yourself as a thought leader in your field. Create content your audience will benefit from—it could be an opinion on a controversial issue or simple educative posts on your LinkedIn. 

The truth is, the more you seem to know exactly what you are doing, the more people trust you to represent them. 

Of course, there is sometimes nothing wrong with creating funny infographics or memes. But always keep it professional. 

linkedin best practices for lawyers 3. Join Linkedin Professional Groups

LinkedIn has several beneficial groups where you may display your proficiency. While you may need approval to join some of these groups, you’ll also find several free groups. There, you’ll bond with like-minded people and create networking opportunities for yourself, which is a great way to snag some referrals. 

But you have to be active in such groups. Be a starter—start conversations, make contributions, express yourself, and be in the middle of important discussions. Basically, you should be in the spotlight; that way, you are selling yourself. 

Note that some groups may not benefit you in any way. What does that mean? Some groups are highly generic and discuss pretty generic topics that may not necessarily be worth your time. Watch out for such groups and steer clear of them. 

Moreover, avoid wasting time in dormant groups with little or no activities. 

4. Upgrade Your Profile

All the previous LinkedIn best practices for lawyers are pointless if your profile isn’t attractive enough. Your profile should scream, “You’ll get value by connecting with me!” (that had better be true as well). People will check out your page whenever you connect with people or your post pops up. 

Hence, feel free to brag about your accomplishments on LinkedIn. In this space, boasting is allowed—let your profile speak for you. And you better make it speak loudly and positively. 

Put up some professional photos. Originality isn’t entirely a thing in the digital world. We get inspiration from others to create something unique. So, take inspiration from people’s profiles to create a profile that befits your noble profession. 

You don’t have to do much to expand your LinkedIn presence as a lawyer. These tips will help you every step of the way while you promote your law practice. Good luck with practicing LinkedIn best practices for lawyers!