SEO for lawyers and law firms can get competitive. It’s fine to spend thousands of dollars on things like guest posting and content creation, but did you know that there’s a lot of small things that can boost your website straight up the organic search rankings?

Google looks at over 200 ranking factors when crawling your law firm website. Some of these are more important than others, but they all count. Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers ignore some of the easiest ranking factors. The following law firm SEO secrets should help you get the most out of your optimisation efforts:

Make Sure You Maintain A Local Focus

No one cares if you hit the top of the search engine rankings in another part of the world. Your SEO efforts need to be focused on searches that are happening within the area that you work in. This means that you need to identify local keywords and build your content around these.

Make sure that your address and contact details are listed properly in as many online directories as possible, and make sure that you’re using a free Google My Business account. Working on your local SEO efforts can lead to huge short-medium term increases in the amount of traffic arriving on your website, so it’s worth doing.

Start & Maintain A Blog

Blogs are an essential part of building a strong SEO presence. Try and write articles that are related to the type of law you and your firm practice. Think about things that people are going to be looking for, and write posts that answer common questions.

Make sure that you do some keyword research before you start writing. Include local keywords occasionally to help boost your local organic search ranking, and make sure that you break your content up with images and subheadings.

Make Sure Your Website Is Well Designed

One of the keys to law firm SEO is having a high-quality, well-designed website. There are a number of things you should think about with respect to website design and SEO, including:

  • Your page load speeds. Try and make them as fast as possible by optimising your images and using a fast hosting provider.
  • Make sure that your website is fully mobile responsive, otherwise you simply won’t rank highly in the search engine results.
  • Use plenty of visual content, including videos and photos. Google is becoming more and more focused on user experience. Visual content enhances the user experience, and the search engines will reward you for making the effort to include it.

Final Word

SEO is a great tool for law firms and other businesses to use to drive traffic to their website. However, you need to make sure that you have a complete SEO strategy that includes all aspects of optimisation. Don’t ignore the small things, otherwise your organic search rankings will suffer.